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Who is Jay@Play?

Jay@Play prides itself in creating toys that engage, enlighten and are enjoyed by children in more than 75 countries around the world.

Our brands, products, advertising and marketing philosophy are all centered around consumer engagement to drive our sales and engagement at every touchpoint.

We utilize direct response television and a direct to consumer online strategy, that allows us to analyze and invest in the best vehicles to support our partners at every level. Our multichannel pricing strategies insure that our vendor partners maximize profitability across all sales platforms, both online and at retail outlets.

Jay@Play is the innovation category leader in dolls, plush, youth electronics, collectibles, craft and activities. We consistently create trend setting toy products that sell through and have longevity. Year after year Jay@Play creates buzz worthy products that have line extension success and outstanding brand equity.

Here at Jay@Play we value the relationships with our licensing, distribution and manufacturing partners. These partnerships are best in class and work hand in hand to provide quality that is unparalleled in the toy space.

When you go to the stores, shop online or simply watch tv you will always find Jay@Play products captivating and on top of industry standards.

Our team is anchored by toy industry icons, who have had decades of breakthrough toy product development and marketing success on a global scale.

-“Jay@Play is positioned for decades of innovation, creation and success in the toy industry”