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Vibe Girls™ encourage kids to express themselves as individuals and feel empowered to be proud of their own uniqueness. With included sticker messaging such as “Cool to Be Kind”, “Love Yourself”, “I Can and I Will”, “Paint Your Life with Color”, “Be Kind to All Creatures” and hundreds more, Vibe Girls™ inspire everyone to make the world a better and #ShareGoodVibes.

Each of the Vibe Girls™ is unique in her own way, with her very own “vibe” that kids can aspire and relate to. There are six colourful, 8-inch articulated Vibe Girls™ dolls to love and collect: Emma - Kindness Vibes, Allison - Animal Vibes, Mia - Ocean Vibes, Sophia - Happy Vibes, Luna - Art Vibes, and Jamie - Nature Vibes. Each doll comes with four detailed accessories to match her unique and individual vibe, a Share Good Vibes Diary that includes fifty positive messaging stickers to share the good vibes with friends and family, as well as a color-changing Vibe Ring for kids to wear and show off their own vibe.

“What better time than now for girls to share a beautiful fashion doll that sends messages of love, kindness, positivity and empowerment?!” asks the Vibe Girls™ Team. “With these beautiful Vibe Girls and over 300 positive Vibe Girls™ messages, it’s time to make the world a better place, one good vibe at a time.”

Product Line

Mia - Ocean Vibes

Jamie - Nature Vibes

Sophia - Happy Vibes

Luna - Art Vibes

Allison - Animal Vibes

Emma - Kindness Vibes